Civil Disturbance Security Services

Need A Security Company To Protect Your Event, Business, Or Organization?

person with microphone causing a civil disturbance
Civil disturbances are dynamic incidents that can quickly spiral out of control and become more destructive. Protestors uniting for a riot pose danger to events, businesses, and organizations. Protection is needed to prevent damage to property and looting of assets. Since coordinated civil unrest can be difficult to contain, it is important to plan and prepare ahead for the crisis.
The success and failure of a protest largely depend on the emergency response from within the organization. Response plans need to be put in place to protect your people and assets from rioters. Armed security guards and uniformed personnel who are trained coordinate effectively to respond to security alerts.

How We Help Businesses Across Ohio During Civil Disturbances

Ohio Security Services offers highly-trained emergency response security guards that are armed to protect your investments from rioters and looters.

  • Uniformed and armed personnel to monitor and protect
  • Security consulting division available on-demand to advice on risk management
  • Coordination with internal and external partners
  • Assessment to determine the future development of crises
Our tailored security plan for your organization consists of implementing proactive measures to respond effectively to civil disobedience to protect your employees, assets, and infrastructure. We understand the root causes, warning signs, and behaviors of groups to actively protect you.
Ensure your people and property are safe during civil unrest. Our committed security team has the knowledge and experience in handling all kinds of crisis situations.

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