Shopping Center Security Services

Protect Your Shopping Center With A Trusted Security Company

hundreds of people gathered in a mall
The safety and security of shopping centers play a huge role in the positive experiences of retail tenants, employees, and shoppers. The presence of highly-skilled security professionals working to maintain and improve the public perception of the shopping center is key to creating an inviting environment. By putting your customer’s interest and safety above other things, you can deliver a truly satisfying experience for everyone.
A comprehensive retail security program gives you control over the happenings at the shopping center that substantially reduces unwanted incidents. Assure a safe, clean, and seamless experience for all by eliminating chances for theft and vandalism inside the property. On-site guards can conduct regular checks to ensure a safe environment for vendors and customers.

How We Guard Shopping Centers Across Ohio

Ohio Security Services is committed to the safety of customers in shopping centers by taking a high-level professional approach towards properly securing the property.

  • Highly-trained security guards for facility protection
  • Access point and crowd controls
  • Patrol services
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Emergency response
Our comprehensive retail security solution enables the smooth handling of security operations even with thousands of people at the shopping center during festival and sale seasons. We are knowledgeable and experienced to recognize, reduce, and eliminate the possibilities of unpleasant incidents.
Evoke a sense of safety and security for your vendors, staff, and shoppers. Our trusted and proven security practices amplify the experience of your shopping center customers.

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