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aerial view of a a golf course with houses
Golf courses present a unique security problem that has to be addressed carefully to prevent activities such as theft and vandalism. Since golf courses cover a large area, usually stretching over a hundred acres of maintained turf, it is difficult to monitor the entire area. While most golf clubs take measures to protect the main building and access points, it becomes difficult to enforce strict security measures across the entire perimeter of the grounds.
Since intruders can approach from anywhere to gain entry into the course, it is increasingly important to use modern security technology combined with an efficient security patrol team to secure high-value materials in the golf course. You need a trusted security services team that has the experience and expertise to keep your grounds safe so that you do not have to worry about trespassing, vandalism, and burglary.

How We Protect Golf Courses Across Ohio

Ohio Security Services offers the highest levels of security with modern video technology solutions and an experienced security patrol team to address all your security concerns

  • Security cameras and monitoring system for the entire golf course
  • Golf cart and vehicle patrols.
  • Guards in all access points.
  • Emergency response.
Our individualized security solutions will alleviate the course manager’s security concerns while putting your groundskeepers at ease. As experts in deterring theft and vandalism of club property and items, we enforce the highest security standards and measures.
Make your golf course safe for members and guests. Our committed security team is experienced in protecting and maintaining the security of the grounds.

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