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The safety of patients, guests, and staff is critical to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Maintaining a safe environment that prevents theft and potential injuries needs a properly trained and professional security workforce. It is important to prevent security breaches that can lead to dangerous consequences in an active environment like a hospital.
Healthcare security officers specially trained to meet the challenges of maintaining an open atmosphere while enforcing necessary checks for security needs and unwanted occurrences add value to your facilities. Choose a security services team that regularly trains its workforce to be adept at providing security and patient care.

How We Provide Security To Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities In Ohio

Ohio Security Services extensively trains its healthcare officers to be ready to take on security challenges while contributing to the overall patient experience.

  • Maintaining safety and security of patients, visitors, and staff
  • Officers demonstrate empathy to enhance the patient experience
  • Recognizing security vulnerabilities and addressing them
  • 24/7 protection of valuable hospital equipment
  • Emergency response
Our number one priority is the safety and security of all patients, staff, and visitors. We understand the importance of being courteous and demonstrating empathy to improve the experience of patients.
Put your staff and patients at ease. Our dedicated team of highly skilled security guards makes their invaluable presence felt in any demanding security situation that may arise.

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