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man in dispensary using thongs to weigh out some plants on a scale
Marijuana remains classified as a Schedule 1 substance under federal law. This has made it operate in the grey area even though it is legally approved for medical use in 33 states. The need for providing security for marijuana dispensaries is among the prime challenges for the medical marijuana industry. Dispensaries are often targeted for theft and robbery.
Because many dispensaries operate as cash-only businesses, it makes them a hot target for criminals looking for marijuana and money. You need a trusted security services team to ensure you don’t worry about the high risks associated with running a medical marijuana dispensary.

Weighing Out Dispensary Security

Ohio Security Services has a dedicated team of security specialists who have the experience and knowledge to guard your dispensary at all times.

  • The visible presence of security guards
  • Security personnel with extensive experience in security work
  • Professional and well-trained guards
  • Customized and flexible security solutions
Put your trust in the highest standards of security offered by us as a protection agency to combat obstacles in running your dispensary. Our professional training programs guarantee only highly-skilled guards are placed on duty at your operation location.
We tackle security challenges without hampering the commercial operations of your business. We have a strong team of security guards who can handle almost any situation in the most professional manner.

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