Cultivation Center Security Services

Specialized Security Services For Cultivation Centers

rows of plants inside of a cultivation center
Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry with advances in legalization happening in various states across the United States. However, increased state and federal legislation and compliance needs come at an additional cost. Because of the complex compliance regulations that are different across states, security issues continue to exist and thrive.
Marijuana cultivation businesses must take adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access of people into restricted areas for cultivation. The rising demand for marijuana makes cultivation areas prime targets for criminals to enact profitable attacks. You need proper security measures in place to avert common attacks on your cultivation centers.

Protect Your Cultivation Center's Growth

Ohio Security Services has a well-rounded marijuana cultivation center security team to secure your area and provide critical security operations.

  • Safety measures to control entry and exit at access points
  • 24/7 video surveillance system with stored recordings
  • Functional alarm system for alerting unauthorized access
  • Emergency response and reporting
We have a highly functional and proven security solution for protecting your marijuana cultivation center. Sufficient measures are put in place to deter access to the cultivation area and secure storage area.
Extensive surveillance systems discourage intruders from trying to enter the cultivation area. Our specialized team of security experts works around the clock to maintain strict security controls.

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