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The top-of-the-line monitoring and alarm systems provide the first line of defense for your business, employees, and property. While these are powerful systems in themselves, an added layer of armed security is required when you’re securing valuable assets. You need the confidence that you have the best security and protection available for your business and property.

At Ohio Security Services, we understand the necessity to have armed security guards protect and safeguard your business properties and valuables from dangerous criminals. Your safety and security are our topmost priorities and we work to ensure that your properties and people are protected at all times. A secure business place allows you, your employees, customers, and visitors to feel secure. Our highly-trained armed personnel are committed to ensuring your workplace and business premises are guarded against threats from outside and inside.

We strive to live by our mission – ‘Highest Quality Security’ – for all our clients. As a security company in Ohio, we understand the security issues you face first hand from over 20 years of experience in the security space. This is evident from the initial consultation we have with you where we work together to address all your security concerns. Once your security concerns are heeded, we quickly and efficiently decide the security plan for you, along with the number of armed security officials needed for your security. You can request additional armed security guards and we will be happy to provide them for your services. Our armed guards perform a wide range of tasks including patrolling your premises, accessing threats, logging and reporting security risks, and working together with law enforcement officials during security breaches and emergencies.

group of armed security guards patrolling an Ohio client property

Deciding On A Security Company For Unarmed Guards

If your business is securing highly secretive data, operates in a violent neighborhood, or deals with highly valuable items, you need armed security guards to take care of security on your premises.

With armed security guards, you get the full protection you need for your business and building.  You can carry your daily operations without worrying about the threats that can hamper your business activities.

The intensive training received by armed security guards enables them to provide excellent security for important office buildings, private events, executives and VIPs, and residential complexes.

All armed security guards are carefully chosen for skill and ability to handle a wide variety of unpleasant situations.

Armed security guards can immediately identify threats to your premises and act responsibly to deter and nullify the advances of the attacker. Since the priority is always the safety and security of the property and the people, the guards focus on deterring dangerous threats by the use of tactical skills and force. Constant training in handling and using weapons during times of emergency, enable armed security guards to offer the highest protection for businesses and worksites.

Our armed guards have years of experience in private security of important buildings, workplaces, high net worth individuals, parties, events, and residential communities. With extensive tactical experience and an unmatched skillset, our armed officers are confident in providing the utmost security for your property. They understand your security goals and deliver above and beyond your expectations. Our armed guards do not resort to force at the slightest hint. In fact, force is only the last resort when all other tactics to subdue an aggressor fails. By being professional and highly competent in their roles, our security officers carry out their tasks without overtly disturbing the ambiance of your premises.

Specialized training and highly-developed skills allow our armed guards to handle security threats at various places. We can secure and provide the highest levels of security for businesses and worksites including,

  • Financial Institutions
  • Schools and Universities
  • Construction Sites
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Retail Stores
  • Residential Buildings and Communities

When you have the maximum defense against aggressors with professionals carrying firearms, you have the confidence in knowing that someone reliable has your back and that your business operations, tasks, and creative events will not be affected by threats and dangers.

Some industries need professional armed security guards who carry weapons and are skilled to handle potentially dangerous situations in the blink of an eye.

When you hire us to provide armed protection, you can be assured of having highly competent guards paying attention to your surroundings and dealing with criminal activities on-site with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Choose The Best Ohio Security Company

Ohio Security Services provides highly trained and dedicated armed security officers who protect and safeguard clients, properties, and businesses from potential threats and criminal activities.

  • Accessing threats and providing a high visibility presence to deter potential attackers from making a move.
  • Foot patrols and vehicle patrols to identify potentially unwanted activities in the premises and surroundings.
  • Conducting proper checks for access to private events and verifying important information of guests.
  • Logging and reporting glaring security risks and weaknesses that can be exploited by criminals for unwanted access and behavior.
  • Communicating with law enforcement officers and agencies (federal, state, and county-level) to report on security breaches and emergencies while adhering to all the regulations and security policies.
  • Assisting the management and team in critical security tasks and add-on security assignments to improve the overall safety of the business and workplace.

Our premium armed security guards are highly trained and make their presence known to deter possible attackers. They remain vigilant of the surroundings. The protection of your assets and investments is their number one priority.

Know that your business is safe with our armed security guards. Our specially trained security guards have been trained to react quickly, effectively, and effectively no matter the threat.

Industries We Serve

If you are a small or large organization in any industry that needs short or long-term security, we guarantee your safety 24/7. Industries we specialize in: